Friday, November 9, 2012

The Adventures of Taco Joe (cir. 1997)

A little something I bothered to dig out of the closet for you guys! Back when I was working for this silly place (and when the particular restaurant I was at was still corporate rather than a franchisee), our paychecks would include these little comic strips that were added with the stub. Taco Joe (or "Joe Taco" as they seem to mix his name around) was a short-lived motivational mascot for Taco Bell around 1997 (and just before a certain Chihuahua would show up). I didn't think much of this guy but I do recall him popping up in a employee training video as a CGI-animated figure spouting the same spiel we've all heard before. It's no doubt who the Burger Guys are suppose to be here so I'm not going to dwell on that one, just enjoy these few strips I managed to save all these years!

A Taco Bell nacho wrapper!


Kid said...

I've never tasted a Taco Bell Nacho. What are they like?

Christopher Sobieniak said...

They're OK I suppose. When I first worked there, they were already pre-cooked so all we had to do was bag up the nachos from larger packages. At some point they felt the need to fry them at the stores so I ended up frying the tortillas at the restaurant daily and had to do so at a specific time before drying them and then salting them. They still do that to this day I think.