Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Married with Children #5 (Oct, 1990)

To start the new year, a stinky comic from the early 90's based on a popular TV sitcom, enjoy!

We interrupt this comic to bring you a dated advertisement!


Kid said...

I think I've got some of these comics, Chris. Isn't the cover to issue #1 based on FF #1?

Christopher Sobieniak said...

Could be, but this is the only issue I bothered to buy at the time. NOW Comics always seemed like they were out of my reach at the time when most cartoons were still roughly around a dollar to a $1.25 each. Looking back, I suppose it had to do with the good quality paper they had to use over newsprint to publishing those issues. NOW had some good titles otherwise, aside from having produced comics for Astro Boy and Speed Racer I see they even released Tatsuo Yoshida's original "Mach Go Go Go" manga in English as "Speed Racer Classics".

Looking back, I suppose I should've paid more attention to these guys than the few issues I did buy off the spinner racks at Food Town. I was a naive pre-teen and that stuff just wasn't under my radar, such as this nutty documentary!

Christopher Sobieniak said...

I just noticed this comic also bears the CCA logo too, that's pretty assuring of it's 'wholesome' content!

Hisasi Zing-Zing said...

Lulz this is hilarious, reminds of Love Hina (of all the things).

Christopher Sobieniak said...

Yeah, what goes around, comes around I suppose.